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Difference Between Hydrating & Moisturizing

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Difference Between Hydrating & Moisturizing

  One thing that we know all too well in the curly hair community is that moisturized hair is the main goal of our hair journey. We all desire long lasting moisture, healthy hair growth and juicy lush curls.  However, we tend to go in blind before fully understanding how to properly treat and maintain our curly hair.  In order to achieve our objective of fully moisturizer curls, we need to 1st distinguish between moisturizing and hydrating and how to effectively apply each process to your hair routine. Hydrating is about water absorption and moisturising refers to water retention. Now...

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Add This Simple Routine to Your Wash Day & Watch Your Curls Thrive

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Add This Simple Routine to Your  Wash Day & Watch Your Curls Thrive

Add This Simple Routine to Your Wash Day & Watch your Curls Thrive.

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2nd Day Hair: How to Restore Your Curls with Water Only. Learn this simple trick to refresh your curl and save time.

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 May 25, 2017 Grace Santana   Today is wash day, you have followed your hair routine such as pre-shampooing, hair mask, and conditioner.  Your curls are perfectly defined and you’re gorgeous.  The next day you hope to be able to achieve the same look but your hair isn’t as defined and it’s in need of refreshing.  You don’t have the time nor desire to go through the wash day routine all over again.  You notice your hair is still coated with the products that you used on your wash day and you don’t want to wash all that goodness...

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Has You Hair Received The Right Diagnosis? Is it Still Low Porosity?

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July 11, 2017 Grace Santana         One of the most frequent question that I receive is on how to take care of low porosity hair.  In my effort to give the best advice possible I like to ask my clients, how do you know you have low porosity hair?  What are your hair's symptoms?   Do you find that products don't penetrate the hair easily? What's your hair routine? There may be a misunderstanding of what low porosity hair really is.  You know your hair type won't change but your hair porosity can.  There’re many factors to consider in other words we must...

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