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Winter is Coming!

Conditioning Pre-Shampoo

November 14, 2016 Grace Santana    Here Are Some Valuable Tips. The winter months can be brutal to our hair; during these months breakage and moisture loss is the main concern.  Here are some tips on how your hair can survive the cold. Conditioning! Conditioning! Conditioning! Your hair is going through a lot during these cold months it needs lots of love and care. It loses moisture which can lead to breakage.  Deep condition your hair once or twice a month.  Wash your hair apply a treatment of choice then put on a shower cap.  At this time you may choose to...

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Has You Hair Received The Right Diagnosis? Is it Still Low Porosity?

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July 11, 2017 Grace Santana         One of the most frequent question that I receive is on how to take care of low porosity hair.  In my effort to give the best advice possible I like to ask my clients, how do you know you have low porosity hair?  What are your hair's symptoms?   Do you find that products don't penetrate the hair easily? What's your hair routine? There may be a misunderstanding of what low porosity hair really is.  You know your hair type won't change but your hair porosity can.  There’re many factors to consider in other words we must...

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