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  • Taylor Claiborne
    NEVER have I used something as amazing as the Brazilian Combing Creme.  My low porosity hair looks as great on day 4 as it did on day 1.  Curls are moisturized, shiny, defined and so soft to the the touch. Sealing with the pracaxi oil is the icing on the cake. Styling time and drying time are no longer an all day affair. i'm hooked!! Love your products! 
    Taylor Claiborne 4 months ago  
    • Michelle
      OMG! I just received the Pracaxi Oil Serum; it is everything! it moisturized and hydrated my hair like I cannot believe. Also, the shine is unbelievable. I just ordered several other products and now I cannot wait for them to arrive next week. This product is what I've been seeking for my naturally curly hair. From now on, I will be ordering all of my hair products from Cachos Brazil Hair Care. I love the natural ingredients and I love how this product makes my low porosity hair feels.
      Michelle 4 months ago  
      • Shannon Fazande
        I love the products. My little one has thick, curly, low porosity hair.  The combing cream made it SO MUCH EASIER to detangle her hair!  And it smells great.  Moisture is locked in!  
        Shannon Fazande 5 months ago    
        • Ayrika
          My hair is GROWING so healthy and full!  Love your products!
          Ayrika 5 months ago  
          • JasmineRaquel
            I've been using the low porosity products for a few months and I'm very happy! I had really bad coloring damage and these products saved my hair. I was lucky to having gotten a hold of a sample  of the combing creme before it was available to everyone else so I've using it for a while and my hair loves it💕💕. Happy customersmiley and I definitely give the products a 10/10. 
            JasmineRaquel 6 months ago  
            • J.Bryant
              I have tried so many products but I have got to say this is the best for my low porosity hair. I love the hair butter and the combing crème. I just ordered the elixir and can't wait to use it. the combing crème is absolutely awesome. Will continue to order these products. If you have low porosity hair you have got to give it a try. You will not regret it.
              J.Bryant 6 months ago 
              • Liana M Daye
                I absolutley love these products. I recently received the pracaxi hair oil serum and the low porosity hair elixir. My curls are popping, my hair feels soft and hydrated. Not to mention it has shine. Thanks to the time,quality, and care and natural ingredients put into everu jar and bottle at Cachos Brazil i have a head full of long healthy hair.
                Liana M Daye 6 months ago    
                • Michelle Smith
                  Love the low porosity hair butter!!!!!  I used it on my daughter's hair and it absolutely loved it.  After, spending several years looking for a good oil for our hair, I decided to purchased the  pracaxi oil from Cachos Brazil.  I'M SO GLAD I DID...ABSOLUTELY love this oil, it's so moisturizing and it left our hair really shiny.  My entire family uses it including my husband.  I will never buy another oil again other than PRACAXI OIL from Cachos Brazil.  My family can't thank you enough....:)  Thank you, Cachos Brazil!  
                  Michelle Smith 6 months ago 
                  • Shelly M
                    Low Porosity Hair Elixir is a light oil but effective I'm gonna continue to use it. Smells lovely.
                    Shelly M 6 months ago  
                    • V. Lyles
                      Love love love! the Brazilian Combing Creme. My curls were super moisturized  defined and I love how it feels. keep up the good work.
                      V. Lyles 6 months ago