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Andiroba Oil for Scalp Blood Flow Stimulation & Skin Care

Andiroba Oil for Scalp Blood Flow Stimulation & Skin Care

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100% Organic Andiroba Oil


Stimulate blood flow for faster hair growth and strengthen the hair's structure with Andiroba oil. It's also ideal for scalp care as it soothes irritated scalp due to its anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties.  This multi-purpose oil leaves the hair extremely hydrated, soft, with amazing brilliance. It also shapes the hair’s curl pattern, leaving it defined.  

  •  Strengthens Hair Structure
  • Helps Balance Scalp

    How Does it Benefit My Hair?

    Andiroba Oil’s potent therapeutic properties will penetrate each hair strand and effectively removes frizz. Andiroba will keep your hair soft and smooth. It moisturizes the hair and scalp without a greasy feeling. Reduces the appearance of split ends.  


    What Makes Andiroba Special?

    Andiroba oil is rich in alpha-hydroxy acids which promotes healthy curly hair without leaving a greasy feel The oil also has superior amounts of anti-bacterial & anti-inflammatory properties.  It's balanced level of 40/60 saturated and unsaturated fatty acids make Andiroba a great oil for scalp care, low, medium and high porosity hair.


    Who Can Benefit?

    All hair types and porosity can benefit from Andiroba oil for scalp care. As a styler Andiroba is very beneficial for curly hair type.

    How can I use it?

    Curl definition, moisture sealant, detangling, scalp, and frizz control.
    Oil 100% natural and pure, cold pressed, with no added preservatives or other ingredients.

    Note: Oil may become more solid during the winter months. Just run the bottom half of the bottle underneath hot water from the faucet.  Make sure the bottle is closed so water doesn't enter the bottle.


    Properties: anti-septic, fungicide, bactericide
    Bioactives: limonoids
    Color: yellow
    Melting Point: 22 Celsius
    Saponification Value: 190-210
    INCI: Carapa Guianensis

    Oleic Acid: 50.5%
    Palmitic Acid: 28%

    Linoleic Acid: 9%
    Stearic Acid: 8.1%
    Arachidic Acid: 1.2%
    Palmitoleic Acid: 1%
    Linolenic Acid: 0.3%

    Product for cosmetic use only, it's not suited for human consumption. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. Please avoid the product if you have a nut allergy. Oil may become more solid during winter months.

    Skin Care

    Vitamins A, C, and E. Also linoleic, palmitic, oleic, and stearic acids, which promotes the growth of new cells.

    • Skin conditioner 
    • Improves collagen production
    • Protect skin from the harsh weather.
    • Heals dry cracked skin.
    • Treats skin conditions such as eczema, acne, and psoriasis.
    • Reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.
    • Anti-inflammatory properties.
    • Cellulite preventive care.


    The high content of essential fatty acids in the oil fights the different signs of skin aging. It will diminish the fine lines and wrinkles leaving your face smoother and younger-looking. It will also boost your skin’s elasticity and firmness, thereby delaying the occurrence of new wrinkles and lines. The antioxidant properties of the oil work by guarding your skin from the harmful effects of free radicals. It is also a natural sunblock that will shield your skin from the ultraviolet rays of the sun, preventing photodamage, which is another cause of premature skin aging. This will prevent the development of sun spots and hyperpigmentation on your skin.


    Combats Acne

    Andiroba oil’s ability to fight acne is quite well-known. Studies show that the antibacterial properties of the oil are very helpful in the treatment of acne as it effectively kills the bacteria that may attack acne. This will lead to faster healing. Continuous daily application of the oil on your skin will keep the acne from recurring.


    Heals Wounds and Skin Problems

    Again, the antibacterial properties are at work here. It will keep the wounds, cuts and scrapes from being infected, thereby allowing the wounds to heal properly. It will also soothe red, irritated skin due to slight burns and sunburns while providing much relief from the pain and itchiness. It is also helpful if you have eczema and psoriasis.


    Moisturizes Skin

    The emollient properties of Andiroba oil will solve your dry skin problem. The oil is quickly absorbed by the skin so vital nourishing compounds are delivered effectively. This will deeply moisturize your skin without getting too oily. You will be amazed at how soft and silky to the touch your skin will be.

    How to Use

    Hair Oil

    -Can be used as a leave-in or wash out.

    -Your hair will let you know what it prefers.

    Recommended Usage

    -LOC Method

    -Pre Shampoo Oil Treatment

    • Put on a plastic cap if desired
    • If desired sit under a dryer for better results
    • Time recommended is between 15 minutes to an hour.
    • Shampoo and condition hair


    • Section out hair in 4 parts.
    • Apply a few drops to comb or hair.



    Facial Oil

    Dispense 3 drops of facial oil onto your four fingertips rub fingertips lightly together and gently press oil onto your cheeks, forehead and the chin.

    This pattern allows distribution of oil to the largest surface areas of the face, in order. Follow with gentle, upward strokes to evenly distribute the oil onto the skin. Lastly nose area and under the nose/above the lip area.

    If your skin needs more moisture, repeat

    Shelf Life

    Use within 12 months of opening for maximum Cachos Brazil result.

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    We Represent All Curl Textures

    At Cachos Brazil we understand that representation matters and the health of your hair matters. We win when you feel good about your result. That's why we have chosen quality ingredients that benefit all curl textures. We work closely with small family based farmers that pride themselves on producing quality ingredients. We stand behind the integrity of every ingredient. We represent you.